Conquest Of Space:
Science Fiction & Contemporary Art on ABC Arts

Simon Frost & Andrew Frost

In The Conquest of Space: Science Fiction and Contemporary Art, Dr Andrew Frost explores how a very specific genre of popular culture – sci-fi – with its storylines and themes has come to influence contemporary Australian art.

The Conquest of Space documentary features examples of work by more than a dozen artists whose work is influenced by science fiction, including works by Shoufay Derz.

The documentary screened 11 November at 10pm on ABC.



Bowness Photography Prize
Monash Gallery of Art from 4 September - 12 October 2014

Shoufay has been selected, two years running as a finalist in the Bowness Photography Prize, one of Australia's most prestigious prizes for contemporary photography. 

48 finalists were selected from 516 entrants who submitted a total of over 2000 photographs. A complte list of the finalits and their images have been published on the Monash Gallery of Art website.

The judging panel is comprised of Angus Trumble, Director, National Gallery of Australia, Siri Hayes, Melbourne-based artist, and Shaune Lakin, Director Monash Gallery of Art.