A sequence of 360 tea light candles are arranged to form two full circles. From one circle a candle is lit every half a minute, commencing from the middle spiraling outwards, and simultaneously with the other circle from the perimeter spiraling inwards. The picture is complete in just over three hours. The photographs capture moments of this continuously evolving picture.

Radii Heart is represented in the touring exhibition Light Sensitive, works from the Verghis collection — a curated selection of works that all either directly reference light or explore the concept of light in alternate forms and processes. The exhibition was first exhibited at Bathurst Regional Gallery, curated by Richard Perram (Director, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery) in association with Lisa Corsi (Collection Manager, Verghis Collection) and is now touring through Museums and Galleries NSW.

PDF Light Sensitive Material Catalogue [PDF 820KB]

PDF Light Sensitive Material - Education Kit [PDF 786 KB]